Verdicts and Settlements



* Every case is different and a favorable result can never be guaranteed. This is not intended to predict the results in your case.

Automobile Accidents

Significant structured settlement of a wrongful death of a husband and wife in an automobile accident involving a drunk driver, including action against restaurant/bar serving alcohol to driver, the results of which are confidential.

1.325 Million Dollar  settlement of wrongful death claim from automobile accident in which driver was struck by a tractor trailer truck at an intersection involving claims made against driver, company hiring truck, and entity designing and maintaining intersection.

$978,600 total settlement of personal injury action of husband and wife in an automobile accident with drunk driver, including liability and uninsured motorist, and dramshop claim.

$350,000.00 settlement on behalf of a minor pedestrian and parents for injuries received when struck by automobile involving liability and underinsured motorist coverage.

$300,000.00 settlement of claim of passenger in a Florida automobile collision.

$275,000.00 settlement of automobile-garbage truck accident aggravating a pre-existing back injury.

$200,000.00 settlement with one defendant in a wrongful death case where backup warning system on commercial truck failed.

$200,000.00 total settlement for client who suffered serious injuries when struck by automobile in shopping area parking lot.

Policy limits settlement of collision between automobile and school bus resulting in short-term memory deficits of client.

Policy limits settlement in case involving couple struck by car crossing the center line resulting in death of one spouse and severe injury to other.

$162,750.00 settlement on behalf of driver against truck maintenance facility and tire company arising from blowout and resulting overturned vehicle.

$100,000.00 policy limits settlement for automobile passenger suffering soft tissue neck and back injuries as a result of rear end collision.

$80,000.00 settlement of injuries sustained by a mother and daughter in an automobile-truck intersection collision after treatment by a chiropractor.

Premises Liability

2.75 Million Dollar settlement of a wrongful death case involving a 35-year-old man in an industrial heavy equipment accident.

$800,000.00 settlement of industrial accident involving an explosion of cleaning solution that led to a partial loss of vision.

$185,000.00 settlement at mediation against commercial restaurant facility for injuries received by delivery man arising out of slip and fall onto greasy, wet kitchen floor necessitating cervical disk fusion.

$175,000.00 settlement at mediation for over-the-road truck driver injured by falling from a combination of spilled diesel fluid and water at truck stop necessitating knee replacement.

$150,000.00 settlement in a slip and fall in a wet bathroom in commercial establishment resulting in cervical disk operation.

$135,000.00 settlement of slip and fall in grocery store on signs negligently left on floor.

$86,000.00 settlement of slip and fall injury occurring at chain store.

$60,000.00 settlement of case involving broken elbow sustained in a fall over a stocking cart in large retail store.

$50,000.00 settlement of case involving defective elevator with multiple failures involving soft tissue injuries.

Commercial Liability

$1,700,000.00 federal court jury verdict in a claim of commercial contractor against a municipality for the wrongful termination of a contract.

$750,000.00 settlement of a class action involving sale of residential amenities.

$52,500.00 settlement against financial institution authorizing closing in violation of its own procedures where extensive termite damage was present in residence.

Multiple cases involving defense of borrower and guarantors of large commercial development loans during economic downturn.

Medical Negligence

$790,000.00 settlement for a medical malpractice claim for a misdiagnosis of necrotizing fasciitis.

$500,000.00 settlement of medical malpractice claim for complications of medical  procedure resulting in patient’s death.


$950,000.00 settlement of condemnation of proposed site of apartment complex.

$275,000.00 jury award in condemnation case in which condemning authority’s initial offer was $25,000.00.

$165,000.00 settlement after several days of jury trial for termite damage of residence in which termite inspector falsified report.

Civil Rights

$200,000.00 federal court settlement of claim of brutality against law enforcement officers.

$60,000.00 federal court settlement of age discrimination case during jury selection.


$150,000.00 settlement on behalf of relative of deceased who left entire estate to a professional advisor and disinherited all family members.


$325,000.00 settlement on behalf of homeowners against builder/subdivision developer for construction of residence on lot filled with tree stumps and debris.

$150,000.00 verdict against residential contractor for failure to complete major renovation of historic home.

$60,000.00 property damage settlement for damage to residence as a result of defective sewer system.

Products Liability

$100,000.00 settlement in a case involving 3rd degree burns caused by scalding coffee served in promotional container designed for cold drinks only.


Successful defense of established church against attempt by minority of members to disband church.

Representation on appeal to the Supreme Court of Georgia on behalf of church seeking withdrawal from denominational affiliation.