Business and Commercial Disputes



We represent both individuals and business in commercial disputes. We research and evaluate the issues early in the case so that  we can properly advise our clients  on the best and most cost effective means of resolving the case. Mr. Nash completed the American Management Association’s certification during his employment with Carswell Insurance Group in the 1980’s, and is well informed in the issues which businesses encounter. Commercial cases include:

  • Breach of contract claims
  • Business torts
  • Fraud claims
  • Class action lawsuits

In addition to assisting clients after a dispute has arisen, we represent small businesses on an ongoing basis with the purpose of helping them avoid litigation. Litigation is sometimes unavoidable, but often times an attorney can recognize a potential problem and solve it before it becomes a lawsuit. We help clients with business plans, corporate or limited liability company formation, shareholder agreements, and other contracts and transactions that arise in the running of a company. We can educate owners and their staff on ways to avoid the legal system so that they can focus on growing and running a successful enterprise.